ECRU New York Hosts Art of Failing Forward

ECRU New York hosted a webinar to help salon owners and stylists achieve success.
ECRU New York hosted a webinar to help salon owners and stylists achieve success.
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On October 25, 2022, ECRU New York hosted a virtual panel discussion dubbed “The Art of Failing Forward.”

Moderated by Dee DeLuca-Mattos, vice president of business development for ECRU New York, the panel featured industry professionals Michael O’Rourke and Jo Chung. Both individuals shared the most significant lessons they’ve learned from their worst failures and how those moments led to greater success. 

With his wife, Chung has built a successful, multi-salon business called Jovie Salon

When asked about a lesson he has learned throughout his more than 20-year journey in the industry, Chung said, “You have to be careful not to let the wrong emotions, nostalgia and different things hold you back from making the choices that you should make for your business.” 

Similarly, O’Rourke discussed his struggles in founding his brand, SexyHair

“A hard knock is a gift wrapped up for success… That’s how SexyHair was born, because of getting hammered,” O’Rourke said. “As soon as your attitude is like, ‘I got a lesson from that. I am gonna come back cranking. I know what to do right now, and if I get another lesson, I am gonna get better.’ This is the attitude that you have to have if you want to grow and get somewhere in your life.” 

During the discussion, Chung offered advice to attendees on how to overcome obstacles, potential failures and difficulties. 

“When you are moving forward with your plan, whether it is opening a new business, deciding to open a new salon location [or] expanding your team, you should have a guiding direction and make a plan,” he said. “But, you have to be mentally prepared to adapt and adjust on the fly. I think that is probably the secret to survival and to growth.” 

O’Rourke added, “You have to keep moving in every way possible, and every day, remember its a new day, a new future, and you cant rest on who you were or what you were. Thats yesterday.” 

This event was hosted for ECRU New York Platinum Network members.

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