WAHL Professional’s Disruptour Tour is Back

Disruptour Team
Disruptour Team
Courtesy of Wahl Professional

WAHL Professional’s Disruptour tour is back with three more stops, beginning in Chicago on August 8-9, 2021 from 1-5 p.m.!

Attendees will learn two trendy haircuts, social media best practices, photography tips and the latest product information from the nation’s top educators.

Last year’s tour was stopped prematurely due to the pandemic.

“We sat and thought about how we wanted to relaunch in 2021. We wanted to see how we could reach people in a different way,” says Lisa Finucane, WAHL Pro U.S. director of education. “People were looking for a connection, not just to a brand, but to each other.”

The 2021 Disruptour tour breaks down the barrier between the company and communities with a shared experience.

Each educator is assigned a table with at most five attendees, allowing everyone to feel a stronger, more intimate connection to the material being presented. And while the core group travels to every stop, each experience promises to be different.

The Disruptour tour has been to Austin, Boston and Nashville already, with noticeable progress at every stop.

Tickets for the upcoming Disruptour locations are available exclusively online: Chicago, Atlanta and Miami.

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