Tips for Blow-Drying Easily Tangled Hair

Andrew Carruthers, education director for Sam Villa, provides pro tips for blow-drying hair.

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According to Andrew Carruthers, education director for Sam Villa, there are three things to focus on when blow-drying hair that tends to tangle easily–product, tool and strategy. 

“It’s really important to choose the right product and tool for the type of fabric you’re working with and then flip the script and start at the ends instead of at the base,” says Carruthers.


Highly Processed Hair

  • Start with Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spray for protection and slip.
  • Choose a low-tension brush for this finer fabric without much curl, like the Sam Villa Signature Series Thermal Styling Brush; the bristle pattern allows hair to slip through the brush easily and the thermal core helps create more shape.
  • Blow- dry with the Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer.
  • Don’t crank the brush way down at the base, as it will get stuck. Soften and smooth the ends first, then work to the mid-strand and the base to prevent tangling and to polish the finish.

Finer Curly Hair

  • Apply Redken Extreme Play Safe 3-in-1 Leave-In Treatment for damaged hair to protect from the higher heat needed to release the curl in this fabric.
  • Use a brush that can create a lot of tension to really stretch hair to pull the curl out.  Try the Sam Villa Artist Series Spiral Thermal Brush; its thermal core heats up and the tension created by the pattern of the boar bristles stretches hair for ultimate smoothness. 
  • Again, don’t start brushing at the base. Smooth and detangle the ends first, trailed by the blowdryer and working toward the scalp.

Check out the complete how-to video HERE.

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