Fall Floral How-To

Fall floral nail art by Ashley Biasella.
Fall floral nail art by Ashley Biasella.
Courtesy of @badash_nails

Ashley Biasella, nail artist and Light Elegance educator has created a fall floral how-to.

Her design was inspired by the fall 2022 collection from Light Elegance, The WhoDunIt?

Get the Look 

Fall floral nail artFall floral nail artCourtesy of @badash_nails.

  1. Apply two coats of a jewel-toned, blue-green color. 
  2. Using a swirly brush and a circular motion, apply a medium gray color in small flower patterns, and cure.
  3. Using the same method as Step 2, apply a red brick color in the open spaces, and cure. 
  4. Using the swirly brush and a gold UV/LED color gel, apply vines and leaves, creating petals up and around the flowers with varying pressure of your brush.
  5. Using white gel paint and a needle point stylus, add small dots to highlight the spaces that are left.
  6. Top with a UV/LED top coat, cure and cleanse. 
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