In the Education Zone with Concept

There is one recurring theme that runs throughout the beauty industry: education. The more you learn, the better artist you'll be. With that spirit in mind, Z.One Concept threw a "Look & Learn Fashion Event" in Manhattan with Britain's hob Salons doling out a primer in fashion-forward education. Hob Salons' Akin Konizi, who clenched the 2008 and 2009 British Hairdressing Awards British Hairdresser of the Year, lead his artistic team in showing attendees what's hot and happening in cut and color on the London streets. Most exciting, Konizi rolled out his (under wraps) next collection, which he will be entering in the 2010 British Hairdressing Awards (he's looking for a three-peat, people! Unprecedented!). Though we weren't allowed to take any photos, I can say first-hand, these images are sure to give his competitors a run for their money.


Though the styles and colors provided enough eye candy to last a lifetime, it was Konizi's passion for education that truly made the event special. "Everything is becoming disposable; skill and talent are becoming a thing of the past. For many years I thought that it was the responsibility of the younger generation to change this. But I realize now that it's not their reponsibility—the responsibility lies with the more established hairdresser. We must teach them."

And for those stylists who feel there's not much more they can learn, Konizi laughed, "There is always something to learn if you're looking—in technology, technique, fashion. I learn something every day when I walk into my salon. Every. Day." This day, included.

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