Jerry Hall Ushers In The Galeries Lafayette Christmas Display with Hairdreams Monster

Fashion Icon, Jerry Hall, ushered in the holiday season at the flagship store of the famed department store, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, with the help of a “monster“ made with real Hairdreams hair! Haute Coiffure Star Designer, Charlie Le Mindu, created the pink hairy monster which is part of  a unique, show-stopping promotion of the luxury Parisian department store.

The upscale department store “Galeries Lafayette“ is widely recognized for its ultra-creative promotions and fabulous window designs, commissioned by famous artists and designers from around the world. For this year’s holiday theme, they launched the festivities with an extraordinary theme: "Monster Christmas!" This unusual twist on the holidays included matching themed window designs and "living monsters" who stroll around the department store attracting shoppers' attention, especially the enthusiastic little ones.

Rising fashion star and Haute Coiffure designer Charlie Le Mindu was one of the artists commissioned to create a spectacular holiday extravaganza with his pink "Hair Monster" named "Gustave,"  made with 100% real human hair from Hairdreams. The legendary top model and Hollywood star, Jerry Hall, made an appearance at the gala and immediately took to the pink monster with its cuddly soft, luxuriously silky hair. She couldn’t resist the gorgeous monster and beamed for the cameras as she posed with Gustave throughout the event.

French star designer Charlie le Mindu is known for his avant garde hair creations. He used several kilograms of the finest Hairdreams 100% real human hair to create this extravagant hair monster. Charlie le Mindu continues to demonstrate that hair can be much more than just a head accessory. His creations are the epitome of the art of hair creation. His signature pieces showcase the possibilities of hair artistry which is why he fits so perfectly with the Hairdreams philosophy per its tagline, "The Art of Hair Creation".

[Image courtesy of Skyhunt Public Relatons]

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