5 Easy Ways to Be a More Sustainable Salon

Trey Bower shares five steps to make your salon space more environmentally friendly.
Trey Bower shares five steps to make your salon space more environmentally friendly.
Courtesy of Boulder Hair Collective

Image 123650291Boulder Hair CollectiveDuring my time as a salon owner, I’ve witnessed the power of sustainability firsthand and its transformative impact on both our salon and the environment. Embracing sustainability isn't just a trend—it's a crucial step towards a better future for our planet and our industry.

My journey in the salon industry began with a deep-rooted passion for creating beautiful hairstyles. Over time, that passion evolved to encompass a commitment to sustainable practices. At Boulder Hair Collective, we've made it our mission to not only beautify our clients but also to minimize our environmental footprint. If you want to be more eco-conscious but are unsure where to start, below are five steps to making your salon space more environmentally friendly.

1. Choose a Recycling Partner.

Collaborating with organizations like Green Circle has allowed us to achieve a remarkable 95% sustainability rate. Their innovative recycling solutions for materials like hair, aluminum foil and gloves have been instrumental in reducing our salon's waste.

2. Commit to Planting Trees.

Being mindful of the environmental impact, our salon embarked on the Tree Era initiative, planting 200 trees annually. This dedication to reforestation not only offsets our carbon footprint but also contributes positively to the planet.

3. Choose Eco-friendly Equipment.

Upgrading to eco-friendly shampoo bowl heads from EcoHeads has significantly reduced our water consumption without compromising the quality of service. These small changes add up and make a substantial difference in conserving our precious resources.

Boulder Hair CollectiveBoulder Hair Collective4. Choose Renewable Energy Sources.

Opting for wind power from our local energy provider has allowed us to operate our salon with a reduced carbon footprint. Transitioning to renewable energy sources is a pivotal step towards sustainability for any salon.

5. Find Like-minded Brands.

We've actively sought partnerships with color and hair product lines that prioritize both community welfare and sustainable practices. By choosing brands that share our values, we support the earth while offering high-quality services to our clients.

Together for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability isn't an option—it's a responsibility. By implementing these simple yet impactful strategies, salon owners can make a significant difference in their communities and the world. Let's join hands to create a sustainable future for the salon industry—one conscious decision at a time.

About the Author:

Trey Bower is the founder and master stylist at Boulder Hair Collective, Boulder's only 5-star salon and voted Sustainable Business of the Year. His passion to be a hairstylist started at an early age and the Boulder Hair Collective was established in 2022. 

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