5 Tips for Cutting a Mod Bixie

Mod Bixie
Mod Bixie
Courtesy of Sam Villa

The hybrid cut known as the mod bixie, which is a blend of a pixie and a modern bob, is experiencing a surge of popularity. 

Jorge PerezSam Villa ambassador and owner of Hair Lab Studio 407 (Puerto Rico), demonstrates how to achieve the cut and shares how to customize it to each client.

“I prefer to cut hair wet, but I did a test on this style, and it actually worked better dry,” explains Perez. “You can’t do the same thing all the time, you have to explore…knowledge is power! As Sam Villa says, knowing how to do something many different ways is what breeds mastery.” 

Tips for Cutting a Mod Bixie

  • Use the wide teeth of a cutting comb in certain sections to better read the fall of the hair and the finer teeth for sections that need more tension.
  • Clips are a life saver when dry cutting because they help organize hair and allow for extreme precision when cutting and designing a shape.
  • Nape: To remove unwanted bulk at the nape, elevate sections 45° and point cut with the Sam Villa Classic Series Shear to create roundness. “I’m a south paw, and this dry cutting shear comes in a lefty version, so I love them!” says Perez.
  • Sides: Take diagonal back sections on the sides with the fine teeth of a comb (for more tension), match to guidelines at back and point cut away from the body to blend and shape. The overdirection creates the shape and the point cutting creates the softness.
  • Top: Create a top center section, elevate 90° from base of head and match to back guide. Moving outward and from the bottom up, slide the shears a bit to point cut the section to create softness.

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