Tippi Shorter's Secret to Cutting Curls

Mizani Air Cut After 5 Noframe

Beauty Launchpad spoke with Tippi Shorter, Mizani global artistic director, to get the scoop on how she uses the AirCut system to achieve the perfect curly haircut.

Beauty Launchpad: What is the AirCut?

Tippi Shorter: Mizani AirCut is a systematic approach to cutting waves, curls and coils based on the challenges each texture type has naturally. The benefit is that each client truly gets a customized cut, and you can re-create it every time she comes in to the salon.

BLHow was it developed? Mizani Air Cut After 6 Noframe

TS: I’ve worked on developing this method for five years to make sure it’s sustainable, re-creatable and easy to teach. Having a technical foundation was important to me as a stylist. 

BL: How does it differ from a traditional way of cutting textured hair?

TS: I’ve trained under many top texture cutters over the past 25 years, but oftentimes, the cuts that are taught are one-time cuts and are very hard to not only re-create, but don’t  allow the client the option of wearing her hair straight.

BLIs the AirCut for all textured hair types?

TS: Yes! 

BL: Is there anything else you would like to share about this method?

TS: Stylists love that AirCut helps to take away the fear of cutting curly hair because of its systematic and technical approach.

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