Strategies for Achieving an Even Cut

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Achieving an even cut is one of a stylist's most important skills; Sam Villa provides tips on how to nail an even cut on both sides of the head.

“When cutting a side section of a haircut, your mind is focused on the side, so why not create a guide and cut the other side to match before addressing the top area?” says Villa, cofounder and chief creative officer of Sam Villa Company and global artistic ambassador for Redken

 Villa explains his cutting technique:

  • After cutting the first side, pull out the top slice of hair that will be the guide.
  • Place a Sam Villa Signature Series Long Cutting Comb in horizontally between the index and ring fingers with the slice of hair between the index and pointer finger, and the tip of the comb touching the head. Without moving the comb, slide the hand out to the end of the guide.
  • With the opposite hand, slide the thumb and index finger up the comb to the guide and hold the fingers on the comb to mark the length.
  • Move to the opposite side of the head, and take a small slice of hair with the tip of the comb–still holding the marked spot of the guide.
  • Place the free hand up against the head with a section between the ring and middle fingers; insert comb in horizontally, slide out to the length of the guide and cut.
  • When hair is elevated above horizontal to cut the rest of the section, the shorter hair conveniently pops up to signify where to cut. Resting the guiding blade on the ring finger provides more control when removing hair. 
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