Video: How To Cut Perfect Arched Bangs From Sam Villa

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In case you haven't noticed, bangs are having a moment. Whether they're micro short or long and full, being paired with wavy lobs or framing shaggy layers, fringes are in demand—which means you need to know how to perfect them. And while it can seem deceptively easy to cut a perfect fringe, in fact it's often more difficult than it seems. 

That's where Sam Villa comes in. In this video, he demonstrates how to cut long and full bangs, and shares some new discoveries that make twist-cutting bangs more successful. “A twisted fringe, for those of you who don’t know, is a fringe that it twisted when we cut it and it gives you a little bit more of an arched effect,” Villa says. It's all about the details, he explains, from parting to combing to elevation to finger angle—and, of course, the twist! 

Watch the video below to learn this technique, which results in a soft arch that frames the face with a diffused, bitten edge. And be sure you share his powder dry shampoo hack with your clients!

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[Video courtesy of Sam Villa]

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