3 Winter Hair Color Trends from Guy Tang

Silver Dream
Silver Dream
Courtesy of Guy Tang

Celebrity colorist Guy Tang has released his top picks for trending hair colors for winter 2022/2023. 

These three hair colors include: 

Silver Dream

Get the look:

  1. Using the new #GuyTang Silver Moon 10, lift the hair to a level 10 using #Big9 creme lightener.
  2. Apply the @guytang_mydentity formulation on dry hair: Silver Moon 10 with 6 vol. on rootàge and midshaft; then, Silver Moon 10 + Crystal Clear with 6 vol. on ends. All formulas with #GuyTang #MyHero Collagen powder added in.
  3. Treat with #Olaplex No2 after rinsing, and then shampoo with #MyConfidant Color Secure shampoo and conditioner.
  4. Apply #MyHairLube on damp ends and blow dry and spray #MyDefender Heat protection mist before curling hair.
  5. Style with GuyTang #MyPower hairspray for body and hold.

Cinnamon Bronde

Get the look: (Starting level was 2) 

  1. Highlights: LiftMeUp: 5g. LiftMeUp Passion Bright Blonde; 5g. LiftMeUp Oil Booster; 20g. Magnum8; 40g. 40 vol.
  2. Lift to a level 9. Cinnamon BrondeCinnamon Brondecourtesy of Guy Tang
  3. Midlight formula: MidnightLove6 20 vol.
  4. Base Color: 55g. 5BB + 5g. ShadowAsh5 20 vol. on rootàge; then 55g. 5BB + 25g. 8BB 30 vol. on mids; then 25g. 5BB + 25g. 8BB 10 vol. on ends.
  5. Final Glaze on dry hair: 7BB + NakedGlow7 Demi 6 vol.; then 9BB + NakedGlow9 Demi 6 vol.
  6. Process for 25 mins. All formulas with #Olaplex no1 and #GuyTang Collagen Powder added in.
  7. Shampoo and Condition with @guytang_mydentity #MyConfidant. Apply #MyHero collagen shield spray before blowing dry.
  8. Apply #MyHairLube serum to ends and spray #MyDefender heat protectant for curling.
  9. Style using #MyPower Spray for hold with body.

Rich Burgundy

Get the look:

  • Use the standard lift and tone with the #GuyTang #LiftMeUp system using 10g. #Magnum8, 40g. 10 vol., 14g. Bright LiftMeUp Toner and 14g. Oil Booster LiftMeUp Highlights.
  • Lift to a level 7-8 with controlled warmth, to do the overlay of reds.
  • Red Formula: 55g. MidnightLove6 + 10g. MidnightViolet3 with 10 vol. on rootàge; then MidnightLove6 with 10 vol. on mids; and 7Crc + MidnightLove6 10 vol.; melt together on ends and face frame.
  • Treat with #Olaplex No2 after rinsing.Rich BurgundyRich Burgundycourtesy of Guy Tang
  • Shampoo with #MyConfidant Color Secure shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply #MyHairLube on damp ends and blow dry and spray #MyDefender Heat protection mist before curling hair.
  • Style, using @guytang_mydentity #MyPower  hairspray for body and hold.
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