Trending: Money Chunk Highlights with Sharon Spellman

Sharon Spellman, @sharon.simplyinsane on Instagram
Sharon Spellman, @sharon.simplyinsane on Instagram

"Money chunk" highlights and the '90s are here!

Matrix brand ambassador Sharon Spellman gives her expert insight on this trend and how to properly achieve it.

"This look establishes confidence on a first-impression basis, which we all know is important," says Spellman. "This is a bold and great technique for face-framing because it accentuates the most key features of the face, such as eyes, nose and lips!"

Sharon Spellman's "money chunk" pointers:

  • Analyze the client's head shape, as well as her key features: ears, nose, eyes and lips.
  • Take into consideration how much hair the client has in the front of her head. If the client has most of her hair in the back of her head compared to the front, section from the apex down to the ear and take 1/4 of that section to create the "chunk." If the client has half of her amount of hair in the front, take the same section and split it in 1/2.
  • Take extremely fine-sliced sections horizontally across the forehead and take fine vertical sections near the ear/temple until all the hair from the section is foiled.

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