Your Salon's Guide to Redheads

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Do a search of #redhead on Instagram and you’ll find 16.5 million posts—that’s 18.7 million less than #brunette and a whopping 55 million less than #blonde. Why no love for the lovely redheads? “I feel that redheads are a different language,” says colorist Cameron Kepford of Haus of Heir in Davenport, Iowa. “I think these colors receive the least amount of attention because of the fear of application from the stylist and the fear of the outcome for the client.” That fear can be somewhat unfounded, according to celebrity colorist Cherry Petenbrink, who not only transformed starlet Scarlett Johansson into redheaded Black Widow for the Marvel movie franchise, but also actress Ruby Rose for the CW’s reimagining of a fiery-maned Batwoman. “I had to bring my A-game. Trust me, these redheads got some big-time attention. But there is a misconception that only certain people can wear red hair,” she says. Don’t let any preconceived notions around crimson hues stop you from tuning into the latest redhead trends. Here, our pros break down how to market your reds, how to set crimson clients up for success and what cardinal color trends will keep them clamoring for more.

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