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Sometimes, you want to try something new. @Danielledoeshair explains her process for changing it up with one of her regular clients.

Just as the leaves change during autumn, many people decide to go darker and redder for the season. Danielle Fusco specializes in red hair, so she knows the difficulty of adding dimension and lightening reds! @danielledoeshair created this stunning dimensional vision with an arsenal of Malibu C products, demonstrating their benefits behind the chair.


Danielle, What Was Different About This Session With A Regular Client?

Savannah has been different variations of red with me pretty much the entire time I’ve been doing her hair. Last year, we decided to transition her away from permanent color and start melting her down with liquid demi coppers after freehand painting in plastic wrap - we did this for a while, but I decided I wanted to add some bold dimension during this appointment. I’ve never foiled her before! 

How’d she get such amazing results? Here’s a quick breakdown of her process:

Shampooed with Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo

A 20-minute Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment to remove mineral buildup and soften up her in-between color

2 ½ hours of foiling for all-over teasy lights

Melted with 6nb + 7cc at the root into 9vro

Danielle Explains Why She LOVES Malibu C

I was first introduced to it at a @lisalovesbalayage class years ago. It’s so worth it to do it behind the chair when I need to brighten up the hair that’s been dulled out due to buildup and previous color deposit. All of their products are super clean, smell amazing and are especially helpful for me as I specialize in red hair. With reds, overlapping of color is often a big reason why it’s challenging taking them lighter and adding dimension. That buildup of color on the hair makes lifting them virtually impossible sometimes, but with Malibu products such as Crystal Gel and CPR (Color Pigment Remover), I can get rid of layers of color in just 20-40 minutes which creates an even canvas for lifting. In this particular instance, I only needed a Crystal Gel to soften up her grown out color in between that accumulated brass -- yes, reds can still get that brassy unwanted color as they fade out! It helps give such a clean pop and result. 

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