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Ashlie Marmo
Ashlie Marmo

Want a one-stop grid for color inspo and educational tips? Then follow Ashlie Marmo. Not only will you be double-tapping her blonding, foilayage and dimensional brunette creations, but also jotting down notes of her blonde road maps and coloring hacks that she shares in her captions. Her biggest piece of advice for crafting seamless blends: “Use a board! I use either a Cooboard for foilayage styles or an Ashlee Norman Hair Babylight Board when I highlight,” says the colorist. “I’ve always had issues with my foils slipping, and using these boards has saved me! I use the original Babylight Board because it’s thinner and allows me to get even closer to the roots, plus I love having a sturdy surface to work on.”

Who: Ashlie Marmo @ashytones

Location: Posh Color Studio in Easton, Pennsylvania

Ashlie Marmo shares how to achieve this cool blonde creation.

*Client started at a natural level 8½.

  • Start by highlighting with an Ashlee Norman Hair Babylight Board. Mix Joico Blonde Life 15-vol. and b3 Brazilian Bond Builder. Start in the back of the head. (This way when the foils are finished processing you can easily rinse them in the sink.) Do a bricklay pattern in the back and pack in as many foils as possible.
  • Once the back is foiled, work on the sides using diagonal forward sections, getting as close to the scalp as possible. Continue doing this up the head to the client’s part.
  • Once hair is processed, rinse with Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo. Towel-dry thoroughly.
  • Mix up the shadow root formula with Redken Shades EQ, 8N, 9N and 9V. Apply to roots and blend with a The Original W.O.W Comb.
  • Mix glaze formula (Redken Shades EQ, 10VV, 9V, 9GB and Clear).
  • Process for about 10 minutes, then shampoo and condition hair. (Tip: If your client lifts very light, don’t leave her glaze on too long.) 
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