Pravana Introduces ChromaSilk Hair Color Certification Program for Salon Professionals

Pravana HairRecently, professional haircare company Pravana announced that it would soon be giving colorists the opportunity to become a Pravana Master Hair Colorist through their cost-free ChromaSilk Hair Color Certification program. The program, which begins October 15th, will be accessible on the Pravana Pro website and is available to licensed salon professionals only. The certification process, which includes Basic Color Theory, ChromaSilk Essentials, Color Correction, Everything Blonde, and Vivids And Pastels, takes hair colorists of all skill levels through a learn-at-your-own-pace experience. The program includes essential and comprehensive hair coloring education, along with a review and quiz portion to determine successful completion of each of the five modules. Upon passing a given section, colorists will receive a printable ChromaSilk Certificate confirming that they have been officially certified by Pravana, which they can then display to clients and increase revenue. Once all five modules are completed, stylists will receive an elite title of Pravana Master Hair Colorist, as well as an official diploma signed by Pravana President and Founder, Steve Goddard.

About the Color Certification Program:

The Pravana Hair Color Certification program is a unique five-module curriculum designed to equip the colorist with the information and confidence needed to become a Pravana Master Hair Colorist. This certification provides the artistic tools and exclusive, professional insight into the endless possibilities of color mixtures, techniques, color correction strategies and all Pravana related color services. A leader in innovation, Pravana is offering over $1,000 worth of valuable education, in the convenience of one's home and at the pace of each individual, all for free! Pravana knows that the number one service conducted in salons is hair color, and this program is specifically designed to help colorists become masters of their craft.

The ChromaSilk Hair Color Certification program includes the following:

·Module 1: Basic Color Theory – understanding the fundamentals of how hair color works on a general level. Getting the basics down is the key to building confidence in achieving consistent, predictable results.

·Module 2: ChromaSilk Essentials – gain an understanding of Pravana ChromaSilk’s shade numbering system and the ChromaSilk tonal families, perfecting grey coverage and anything in-between.

·Module 3: Color Correction – explores and delves into detail on color correction services and techniques. This module is designed to provide a systematic approach to correcting even the most challenging hair color disasters.

·Module 4: Everything Blonde – provides tips, techniques and Pravana favorite blonding formulas. This module is designed to expand your knowledge and your business in all things blonde.

·Module 5: Vivids & Pastels – gives insight into the infinite world of creativity made possible with these exciting, highly-popular, award-winning hair colors. In this module you will learn everything you need to know to get the most from these colors, both vivids and pastels.

To take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity and become a Pravana Master Hair Colorist, please visit

[Image courtesy of Pierce Mattie Communications]

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