Get the Look: Tequila Sunrise by Charlotte Murray

Image courtesy of Charlotte Murray

Hairstylist Charlotte Murray recently helped transform her client's hair color to this vibrant, reddish-orange hue. Below, she shares how she achieved the look:

"While it may be sunny where you are, it is dreadfully miserable here in Lincoln UK, hence today's color inspo: cocktails and weather hotter than 3 degrees," says Charlotte. "Whilst staring out the window at the gloomy weather, I got a heads up on what kind of color my client wanted: purple, orange, pink, peach or whatever… with the limitation of using cruelty-free products, so that's where Affinage and Olaplex came in.

"At Frockalious HQ I wanted to see what colors complement each other and create a sunset/sunrise effect. I decided on a color combo I once saw by @HairGodZito from a deep purple root shadow, fading to purple, then pink, and finally orange. We got on with the consultation once my client arrived…"

Image courtesy of Charlotte Murray


  • "1 inch re-growth natural level 5 with 0% grey. Perfect!
  • "Mid-Length and ends were a level 10 with hints of peach and blonde - also perfect.
  • "We also had a wonky undercut level 5 - not so perfect."

Image courtesy of Charlotte Murray

Products (All Affinage/ASP):

  • (1) Affinage 7.76 + 20vol
  • (1A) Olaplex #1 & #2
  • (2) Purple Passion
  • (3) Magic Magenta
  • (4) Mango Smoothie + Orange Crush
  • (5) Re-Energise Shampoo
  • (6) Kitoko Arte Super Sleek Cream
  • (7) Affinage Glazer


  1. "After evening up her undercut with a tight fade, I mixed up our root color (1) with Olaplex, applied to roots and 'feathered' into previous lightened mid-lengths and undercut to create a seamless effect.
  2. "Develop for 45 minutes and rinse color. DO NOT shampoo. Apply Olaplex #2 to towel-dried hair, comb once and let sit for 20 minutes. Shampoo (5) with no conditioner.
  3. "Apply Purple passion to roots and undercut over the old color without pastel-izing. We want it dark compared to the next color (at which point I got told that my clients least favorite color was purple, great! -sarcasm-)
  4. "On to plan b - instead of having a deep root shadow, we kept it shallow. Do not 'drag' the purple down; instead blend and apply Magic Magenta (3) (no pastel-izer) to mid-lengths, leaving a few inches at the bottom for the orange color (4).
  5. "Smudge the purple and pink together to create an ombré effect and apply orange to the ends. I would advise to avoid smudging too much orange into the pink as it's way brighter and may look muddy - not pretty!
  6. "I decided to develop for 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes so I can have a natter, finish my cup of tea, eat some cake and wash up tint bowls and brushes…
  7. "Rinse color out. I personally sometimes only lightly shampoo the dynamics out, never condition. anyway…
  8. "I complemented the color with a sleek, long, inverted choppy bob, styled with Kitoko Arte Super Sleek Cream that I so kindly got sent by Affinage, and my favorite product, Glazer for protection and mirror-like shine. I got sent out both styling ranges but I use the Glazer on everyone - it's the perfect product!
  9. "To wrap up, the color was a high-contrast color, blended perfectly, creating shape and letting my clients hair complement her personality - all using products that are vegan and cruelty free. Yay!"

Image courtesy of Charlotte Murray

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