Haircolor How To: Fall Colormelt by Nicole Dubravski


Colormelt1Fall is just around the corner, bringing with it the promise of cooler temps, cozy nights, and changing leaves. Just in time for the transitioning season, hairstylist Nicole Dubravski recently created this gorgeous colormelt for her client. Touches of rich purple alongside pops of burnt orange, vibrant pink, and subtle peeks of blue act as a stunning interpretation of fall leaves against a crisp autumn sky. Below, Nicole shares how she created this beautiful color so you can recreate the look for your clients!

Get the Look:
Says Nicole, "My client has a natural base of a level 6. I had previously used Goldwell Topchic 6vv with 10 volume developer lotion on her base. I had also used Goldwell Elumen RR@all and VV@all in diagonal slices following the direction of her natural part."

A: Goldwell Oxycur Platin and 30 volume Topchic Developer Lotion
B: Goldwell Elumen VV@all
C: Goldwell Elumen 15 ml TQ@all mixed with 5ml BB@all
D: Goldwell Elumen PK@all
E: Goldwell Elumen 15 ml KK@all mixed with 5ml GK@all

1. Says Nicole, "Part the hair in a horseshoe section starting in the low recession.

2. "Using formula A, take 3 back-to-back slices in the right back corner, leaving a half inch out in between. Move forward with your slices until you reach the end of this section. You should end on a diagonal in the left front corner.

3. "Process until desired amount of lift is achieved. This client had processed for 25 minutes with no heat. To keep colors bright, I prefer to lift to a level 9. Rinse completely followed by shampooing and conditioning. I love using Smooth Sexy Hair shampoo and conditioner to hydrate after lightening. Blot the hair dry and use Elumen Prepare throughout the entire head. Blow-dry hair completely.

4. "Separate your horseshoe section and clip it out of the way. Apply Formula B roots to ends to the back and side profiles.

5. "Moving from the back right corner to the front left corner, take diagonal slices. This time we will not leave any hair in between. Every slice starts with formula B. Alternate how far down the strand you apply this formula. This will ensure that you do not have a hard line at the root. Three slices will contain formula B, blending into D, and E at the ends. The hair must be saturated completely. The next three slices start with B and blending into C. I alternated this pattern until all the hair was covered in this section. The depth was achieved by applying formula B roots to ends on the hair that was not pre-lightened.

6. "Process for 30 minutes without heat. Rinse completely and shampoo. Apply Elumen Lock into towel blotted hair and leave on for 5 minutes. This locks the color into the hair and helps prevent color bleed. Condition and style as desired."

Colormelt2For more from Nicole, follow her on Instagram @nikkiscissors.


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