Get the Look: Plum Makeover by AGEbeautiful



Reena is a woman who isn’t afraid to have fun with her hair color, regardless of her age! She was bored with her darkest brown, almost black hair and wanted to kick it up in a modern way that worked with her complexion and coloring. Enter AGEbeautiful Violets. These pigment-packed plum tones not only add a bold splash of color to her hair, but also revitalize the other signs of aging hair. Reena’s hair is the perfect palette for a multi-directional, color-crossing method. Her stylist was able to add complexion-enhancing, subtle mid-lights while contrasting with strong, vibrant violets on the top of her hair.

Products Used:

  • AGEbeautiful 4V Permanent Crème Hair Color
  • AGEbeautiful 3V Demi Permanent Hair Color
  • AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener
  • AGEbeautiful 10 Volume Developer
  • AGEbeautiful Demi Developer

Get the Look:

  1. Begin taking micro-fine highlight weaves on a diagonal using AGEbeautiful Crème Lightener and 10 volume developer.
  2. Working around the entire head, taking small even sections.
  3. Process to red/orange.
  4. Rinse, shampoo and towel dry.
  5. Apply 2oz AGEbeautiful 3V Demi Permanent Hair Color and 2oz AGEbeautiful Demi Developer all over the hair.
  6. Process for 10 minutes.
  7. Rinse, shampoo and power dry.
  8. Now, cross through the first round of highlights in an opposing direction (for example: if you went diagonal back the first round, now go diagonal forward).
  9. Use the Crème Lightener and 10 volume to take bold slices throughout the head.
  10. Once at the top of the head, take back-to-back slices, creating some strong, pronounced pieces.
  11. Lighten to pale yellow.
  12. Rinse, shampoo and power dry.
  13. Overlay the final glaze of 2oz AGEbeautiful 4V and 2oz AGEbeautiful + 10 volume developer over the new pre-lightened pieces.
  14. Process for 15 minutes.
  15. Rinse, shampoo, condition and dry.



Reena’s hair now has multi-dimensional hues as well as multi-directional varied plum bits. These vibrant berry tones not only spices up her look and goes great with her coloring, but also adds youthful kick, shine and manageability.

[Image courtesy of Zotos Professional]

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