Hair Color How To: Summer Blonde by Katherine Knepp

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Hairstylist Katherine Knepp recently created this sandy, summery blonde hair color for her client. By taking time between appointments, Katherine was able to achieve gorgeous color while retaining the health of her client's hair. Below, she shares her tips for creating the look.

Get the Look:
1. Says Katherine, "[This client] came in the first time with a natural level 7 ash root and faded brown box dye at a level 6. I applied PRAVANA: 10 vol. developer with 7N and 8.1 for her root color.

2. "On her ends I lifted with PRAVANA Pure Light 40 vol. bleach and Olaplex.

3. "I then toned with Redken Shades EQ: 9N and 9V on wet hair for 10 minutes. I did back-combed sections in foils for the underneath sections and switched to 1/2-inch weaved sections for the top. I feathered the lines of every packet to ensure they blended.

"She waited 6 weeks before having me do another round of lightener to keep her hair as healthy as possible.

4. "For the second visit, I used PRAVANA for her base color: 20 vol. with 8N, 7N and 8.22.

5. "We did 40 vol. PRAVANA Pure Light with Olaplex on her ends again, only leaving it for 20 minutes.

6. "I then toned her with Redken Shades EQ: 9V and 9B on wet hair for 10 minutes. I did the same foil technique but added more back-combed (non-weaved) packets in between the weaved packets to make sure all of her ends were blonde."

For more from Katherine, follow her on Instagram @katknepphair.

[Images courtesy of Katherine Knepp]

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