Hair Color How To: Limelight Green by Kait Marie


Jenna Marbles is officially in the limelight with her new electric green ombré tresses. Known as one of YouTube’s most-watched personalities with millions of subscribers across numerous social platforms, Marbles (real name: Jenna Mourey) continues to be a fan of creative color, having rocked purple, turquoise, silver and more in the past. PRAVANA guest artist Kait Marie created the look using ChromaSilk and VIVIDS NEONS hair color, transforming Jenna from a blonde into a glowing “party parrot,” as Jenna cheerfully referred to herself on Instagram to her 3.2M followers. “This is definitely the most electric hair ever,” she captioned on Instagram, finishing with “I love it!!"

To get the look, Kait shares the formulas she used to get the colors as well as the technique to achieve Jenna’s electrifying locks below.

FORMULA 1: 1 oz. ChromaSilk 1N + dot of 8A with 10 Volume Developer

1. Pre-lightenen mid-shaft through ends to a level 9 using Pure Light Power Lightener and preferred choice of developer.

2. Shampoo the hair and dry completely.

3. Apply Formula 1 all over the regrowth.

4. Apply Formula 2 from Formula 1 through the ends.

5. Process for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature and rinse with cool water. While rinsing, allow Formula 1 to blend with Formula 2 to create a transitional, vibrant green. Shampoo, condition and protect the hair with ChromaSilk VIVIDS Color Protect after care products.

6. Style as desired.


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