97% of Beauty Professionals Expect Diverse Beauty Training to Become a Nationwide Requirement

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A recent poll of hairstylists and estheticians by Vagaro found that a large majority expect diverse beauty education to become the nationwide standard.
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A Vagaro poll of hairstylists and estheticians revealed that 97% of professionals believe diverse hair, skin and beauty training will become a standard nationwide requirement.

The poll was conducted in response to the recent passage of New York Bill S6528, which requires all cosmetology schools to include a curriculum on providing proper hair care and styling to “individuals with all hair types and textures, including, but not limited to, various curl or wave patterns, hair strand thicknesses, and volumes of hair.”

While cosmetology licensing requirements are set at the state level, only 19 states currently require any formal training in natural hair styling, according to CrownActLaw.com.

In the same poll, Vagaro found that 51% of salon professional respondents said their training required education on textured hair types ranging from 2a to 4c. When polling spa professionals, 77% of estheticians said their professional training included a curriculum covering how to care for a diverse range of skin tones and types.

The disparity reflects the gap many beauty consumers have experienced when visiting salons only to discover they do not or cannot provide proper services to care for their natural, textured hair, per Vagaro.

“The passing of bills like S6528 indicate progress in the industry, but it’s crucial for that momentum to continue in the right direction to make the salon, spa and beauty world not only diverse but truly inclusive - especially for Black beauty consumers who have historically been overlooked,” says Vagaro’s chief marketing officer, Charity Hudnall.

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