Stop Wasting Profit in the Salon

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Vish Color Management System stats show that many salons are letting 15 percent or more of color revenue walk out the door unpaid for, while up to 40 percent of costly hair color is washed down the sink without ever touching the hair.

Mixing up too much color, which is then thrown away or over-applied to the hair, represents one of the greatest costs in beauty. The key to stopping that drain on profits is to get technical.

Using technology to track color by weighing what gets dispensed will really help reduce color waste. After the service, re-weigh it to record all waste and show the whole picture. 

Research from Vish also shows that salons see a 15 percent boost in revenue within the first 90 days of installing color management technology, simply because all those previously missed services are now being captured automatically and charged to the client.

Aside from color management there are other ways to save profit, particularly by not carrying excessive inventory. When money is tied up in inventory, there is less to spend on stylist growth and development. Using technology that automatically tracks and monitors inventory is an easy way to save salons thousands of dollars.

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