Eufora Curl Cocktail

Eufora Coily Girl
Eufora Coily Girl

Eufora International has a curl-loving product line called Curl’n for curly girls of all textures.

These products are plant-based and feature nourishing ingredients guaranteed to keep all types of textured tresses looking their best. 

The Curl’n Curl Loving Cocktail includes five key ingredients that are imbued in the line: 

  • 100 percent organic aloe vera gel delivers essential nutrients, healing moisture and rejuvenation benefits to both hair and scalp. 
  • Rice and keratin amino acids add strength, help reduce moisture loss and combat frizz.
  • Tomato fruit ferment extract contains a unique bio-enzyme to help repair damage, improving the actual curl structure. This curl-friendly enzyme improves elasticity and enhances curl retention. 
  • Moringa oil, antioxidant-rich with vitamins A, C, E and omega-9, helps to protect hair from oxidative stressesa key to curbing frizz and encouraging shine. 

This Curl’n product line includes:

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