Instagram Trend Alert: Chain-Embellished Ponytails

Chain Embellished PonytailJust when you thought that you couldn’t do anything more to a ponytail, along comes Justine Marjan. The North American brand ambassador for ghd created a chain-embellished pony backstage at the Christian Siriano Fall 2019 New York Fashion Week show, and the ’gram crowd was hooked. We spoke with Marjan about how she crafted the style and what she thinks of the various chain iterations that have been popping up in our feeds.

What was the inspiration behind the look you created for the Christian Siriano show?

Christian wanted a futuristic, industrial look with chains in the hair, so I brought tons of options to the hair test. We played around with placement and ultimately decided that having the hair back and secure would be the best option. From the front, the girls all had slicked-back hair, but in the back, chains draped down the length of their ponytails.

How did you achieve the style?

I blow-dried away from the face with the ghd Air Hair Dryer, then flat-ironed hair straight back from roots to ends with the ghd Platinum+ Styler, and set with no-crease clips. I then sectioned the hair in two: above the ears and below. I applied an extra-hold gel to the roots and brushed it in with a Mason Pearson brush, and then gathered the lower section into a low ponytail at the nape. Taking a 1⁄2-inch section from the bottom of the upper half of the hair, I created a single cornrow from ear to ear, then secured it with an elastic band. I applied even more gel to the roots on the top section and then gathered everything back into the low ponytail, fastening it with another elastic. Using the clasp attachment on the chains, I attached them to the braid on top of the hair, then gathered all the chains with another elastic into the low ponytail. Finally, I sealed the look with hairspray.

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Chain Ponytails

Are the chains heavy?

They are very heavy, so we needed a way to make them secure in the hair. This is why we created the hidden cornrow in the top section of the tail—it created an anchor on which to attach them. I had thought about doing a weave with chains, but ultimately decided that would take too much time backstage. My assistants and I attached three different-size chains to necklace clasps so we could clip them into the braid easily. Each of the chains was handmade and took us hours to make the night before the show.

What’s your favorite aspect about this look?

I love the unexpectedness of the style, and that the chains look like they’re floating in the hair or growing out of the head! Everyone always asks how they’re attached, and I love that element of mystery.

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Chain Ponytail Design

With the instant nature of social media, it seems like there’s already a trend established. Do you think this trend will continue throughout the summer and into the fall?

Absolutely! Hair accessories are having a major moment and it’s been so fun to play with hair in a new and creative way. What I love most is that there are so many iterations of the style and you can ultimately make it your own.

In fact, in your Instagram post you asked people to tag you in their recreations. Have you seen many? What are your thoughts?

Yes, I have, and I’m so inspired and honored that people want to recreate this hairstyle.


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