Damien Carney's Urbanite Compilation Explores All Types of Texture

Contrasting textures were top of mind for Damien Carney’s latest endeavor, Urbanite. For this shoot, the editorial mane master tapped wigs to create disparate looks that each captured movement while showcasing textures that were both curly and smooth. “Gone are the days of ‘one-look-fits-all,’” says Carney. “Now there’s a trending style for any client and any hair type; it’s about making a personal statement about oneself through his or her look, and not being shy about it. There’s no such thing as too much of anything!”

Damien Carney Urbanite

Kink Tank

“This look is all about curls,” enthuses Damien Carney. “The hair was set wet on small- and medium-length perm rods. Once set and dried, I brushed out hair with a Mason Pearson brush, and then cut it using a combination of clippers and scissors. The end result is a thatched, airy, voluminous look, where frizz and curls do their own thing.”

Damien Carney Urbanite Collection

Discussing Disconnection

“I removed the weight in the temple area and above the occipital bone area, so the look appears flatter and more compact to the natural head shape,” explains Carney. “Longer, disconnected, softer lengths add movement and a more modern way of wearing medium-length hair. The fringe area opens up the face shape and plays on the model’s strong bone structure. As for color, delicate shine lines work with the haircut—it’s all about balance—for an overall look that’s strong.”


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[Hair and photography: Damien Carney; Creative direction/styling: Nikko Kefalas; Makeup: Joanne Gair; Hair color: Rossa Jurenas; Model: Agne Petkute at Q Model Management NYC]


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