Breaking News: KMS California Founder Jamey Mazzotta Has Passed Away

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With great sadness, the family of Jamey Mazzotta, founder of KMS California, has announced the news of his recent passing. As a pioneer of the professional haircare industry, Jamey conducted groundbreaking research, launched the careers of many of today’s leaders in hair care and was instrumental in the success of several leading distributors. His passion to continually push the boundaries of modern care and styling gave way to the innovation of some of the industry’s most iconic hair care products.

A renowned biochemist, Jamey’s breakthrough research was a result of the application of the scanning electron microscope to the science of hair, thus creating an entirely new concept of scientifically advanced products for professional hair stylists. In 1976, Jamey founded KMS California, known then as KMS Research Laboratories, along with partners Dick Kornfield and Gary Smith, to create cutting-edge hair care and styling products backed by science. His unconventional approach to the study of hair chemistry challenged Research and Development for the industry as a whole, leading to revolutionary products like the world’s first recognized reconstructors and non-chemical professional straighteners.

“Jamey transformed the field of hair care science, building an incredible legacy of research and innovation while also changing the lives of those of us who worked along side him. At Kao, we will continue to be inspired by his insatiable curiosity and unfailing drive, and will strive to carry on his work with the same fervor and vision that made him the legend he is,” says Cory Couts, Global President, Kao Salon Division, which includes KMS California.

Outside of the lab and his many entrepreneurial pursuits, Jamey was a much-loved family man, as well as an award-winning race car driver and an accomplished equestrian. His extraordinary zeal for living life to the fullest was contagious, encouraging all around him to continually reach for greater heights.

Jamey will be dearly missed by all of us who have been touched by his legacy.

[Image courtesy of KAO Salon Division, Global]

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