Heating Up: 2015 Summer Hair Forecast from Cristophe Salon


Sweet summertime is drawing near. Trips to the beach, cocktails by the pool, and basking in the sun are just a few of the ways to enjoy this time of year. With the change in season, many clients are looking to change up their style with a new cut or color. Celebrity stylist and owner of Cristophe Salon Newport Beach, Scott Fontana, has the hottest tips and trends to get your clients' hair summer-ready.

Go All-Natural: “This summer, natural is in," says Scott. "Over the past few years the popular two-toned ombre was the go-to color for many, but now the more natural your hair looks, the better. Ditch the dramatic look and opt for thin, grown out baby highlights that give your hair that sun kissed and natural look.”

Blondes Have More Fun: “It is all about blonde this summer. Dark blondes, to sandy blondes to platinum, we can match the best shade of blonde for your skin tone to give you that perfect hue,” adds Scott. A consultation with your client will help determine which lighter shades is best for her.

Soft Layered Bobs: “A continuous trend throughout 2015, soft, layered bobs are the desired cut for the summer season," says Scott. "It frames the face and gives anyone a great lift for a fun and youthful look.”

Touchable Waves: According to Scott, “It doesn’t matter if you have long, medium or short hair, Soft, gorgeous and touchable waves are the look of the summer. Timeless and classy, this look is the perfect compliment to those sunny summer days by the pool or at the beach."  

[Images courtesy of Cristophe Salon Newport Beach]

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