Bii Hair Salon Implements Save the Bees Initiative

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Bii Hair Salon (West Dundee, IL) is committed to beauty of all kinds - from gorgeous hair to a healthy planet. The salon takes part in many environmental programs and green efforts, and its latest endeavor is no different. Just in time for April, Earth Month, Bii Salon is committed to providing resources to Bee Raw - a natural, high-end honey company "with a mission to help save endangered bees and promote crucial-to-the-planet sustainability." The Bee Raw Save the Bees Fund is dedicated to reversing the steady decline of the bee population by raising awareness and continuing research in order to better understand the collapse of bee colonies across North America.

The existence of bees is crucial to human well-being and food production. Honeybees contribute to crop production and variation through pollination. For a specific list of how bees are essential to human food production, visit However, in the past five years alone, the bee population has declined by 1/3 of its original numbers due to colony collapse brought on by malnutrition, parasites, and the use of pesticides.

But there is hope! The bee population decline can be reversed in small, simple ways. An easy way to start is by planting bee-friendly flowers, buying produce and honey from local, organic farmers, and avoiding the use of chemicals on lawns and gardens.

at Bii Hair Salon has created a series of six YouTube videos on the Bii Hair Salon Channel, designed to educate and inspire others to get involved. One video will be released weekly throughout the month of April. The salon also has set up a donation campaign at

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