Sustainable Beauty: Winners Announced for 2015 Edition of Cosmopack Wall

Untitled 1 9The 2015 edition of Cosmopack, the international event dedicated to the supply chain of the beauty industry, recently hosted the second edition of "The Wall - Eco/Beauty Edition" project that has rewarded the most innovative products, from design to finished product, expressing a particular attention to the protection of the environment. The products were displayed in the "Eco-Beauty Wall" during the four days of the event.

The jury of experts from Acqua di Parma-LVMH, Carlin Group, Certiquality ComfortZone Domus Academy, Italia Imballaggio and Wired, awarded on the evening of Thursday, March 19, the first day of the event, the prizes to the most innovative products for each category.

For the category "Eco-Beauty Formula Skincare Award" the award went to Gala Cosmetics, who presented a BB Cream with a completely green formula, which they called BB Green. The project was awarded because it has been able to cross innovation, nutrition and sustainability in the natural, economic and social dimensions.

Ex aequo for the "Eco-Beauty Skincare Packaging Award." Fasten has been awarded for Eco-Pump delivery system, which produces a super fine mist, no water needed and non-aerosol. Furthermore, they presented a double wall PMMA jar into a glass jar with a PP inner cup. An innovative product which makes packaging a luxury eco-sustainable product with less plastics.

The award was also given to Verve, for the effort in the search for materials from renewable sources and/or recycled. The company has introduced a line of Bio Plastics, which has the same characteristics of common plastics apart from the fact that thanks to its formula it is completely biodegradable.

Geka was awarded for the "Eco-Beauty Formula Make Up Award" for focusing on eco-sustainability at all stages of production. At Cosmopack the company has presented a natural mascara, with a natural combination for both the formula and the packaging.

For the category "Eco-Beauty Packaging Make Up Award" the award went to MYC Packaging Innovation, which presented a make-up set in PETG with double mirror. Once the prosuct finishes, you can re-use the double mirror. The product has been honored as a symbol of how you can reduce the impact of packaging on the environment thanks to refill and re-use.

The “Eco-Beauty Technology Award” has been recognized at GPE Ardenghi A. for their pioneering use of LED technology in screen printing, an innovation that dramatically reduces energy consumption, radiations (not only the UV-A, but also the UV-C ones), and mercury and ozone emissions.

Pink Frogs won the “Eco-Beauty Inspiration Award”, for the attention they put on consumer’s awareness. The company, starting from the analysis of the impact on nature of a cosmetic product through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has submitted “labels for responsible usage”, which called for a more responsible use of the product, a way to communicate to the consumer how to use the cosmetic product in an eco-sustainable way.

For the category "Eco-Beauty Design Award", the jury awarded MKTG Industry, which presented make-up sets of recycled cardboard, a beautiful object made entirely of recycled materials, which is unique in the field of secondary packaging.

For the category "Special paper Eco Beauty Award" the award went to Pusterla 1880, which presented to the jury of "The Wall" cardboard boxes with special properties, so to transform the packaging of cosmetic products in jars. The re-use of packaging becomes a way to give beauty not only to the body but also to the spaces around us, a new solution in the cosmetic industry.

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