Painted Lashes by Dior Makeup Creative and Image Director Peter Phillips

Dior Painted Lashes

While some backstage artists chose to coat lashes in sparkling glitter this spring season (remember Toga?), one artful take on putting eye fringe front and center completely skipped touching the actual lash hairs. At the Christian Dior Couture show, Dior Makeup creative and image director Peter Phillips played surrealist, painting two long lash lines outside of models’ eye lines that sprouted spidery inked lashes. If you think you’ve seen this before, you’re correct: Last fall fashion season, NARS UK makeup ambassador Andrew Gallimore drew lashes directly on models’ skin at the Isa Arfen show that resembled “the skeletal structure in a leaf.” While your clients likely seek your expertise to plump up their true lashes rather than paint on a second set, these daring looks could provide an alluring alternative for lash lovers who need to take a break from extensions or even mascara.

[Image: Getty Images]

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