The Makeup Show Debuts iArtist in San Francisco

Makeup Show Forum

Have you ever wanted to know how the best makeup artists in the industry reach their success? I, Artist – The Makeup Show Forum reveals just that. Making its debut in San Francisco on March 21st, the event was created not only for professional makeup artists, but for anyone in a creative career. The forum’s sole purpose is to help create an environment for anyone, whether up and coming  or a seasoned  artist, to get insight  from some of the most successful  in the industry  and be re-­‐inspired.  I, Artist –  The Makeup  Show Forum  will be a platform  for those who may be looking  to redefine  their success,  re-­‐engage  with their passion,  and discover how to get back on their path.

Some  of  the  best  taking the stage include  Jordan  Liberty,  Matthew  Jordan  Smith,  and  Yvonne  MacInnis.  Here  these artists  will reveal  a sneak peek on what they’ll be sharing:

• Jordan Liberty renowned  makeup artist, photographer  and creative director, whose work has been featured in likes of Allure, Glamour, and more shares his advice for reaching success: “Work your ass off and stay humble about it. We live in a very entitled time and no one wants to work with an artist who's lazy with an ego. Show up on time, work hard, say "thank you," and never forget to listen.”

• Matthew Jordan Smith, photographer  who has worked with the like of Oprah, Zendaya, Samuel L. Jackson, and Aretha Franklin reveals his career advice for makeup artists or those in any creative field: “I would definitely tell those who are just starting today to learn the foundation of photography. Many think it's easy to be a photographer and dive in without the foundation to keep them going. Learn and master the foundation and then discover how to find your own unique vision as a photographer. This will give you an amazing career for decades to come.”

• Yvonne MacInnis,  Global Educating  Artist for Marc Jacobs, who has travelled the world for award shows, Fashion Weeks, and more,  offers  her  wise  words  for  those  overcoming  obstacles:   “Learning  through  the lessons  of self-­‐awareness,  resilience  and independence and the ability to navigate life as an artist on your own terms is invaluable and some of my most precious lessons so far.”

I, Artist – The Makeup Show will be held on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm through Friday March 23th, 2018 from 8am to 9pm at the Grand Hyatt, 345 Stockton St., San Francisco. Tickets can be purchased here and includes admission to the TMS Makeup Shop San Francisco which follows that weekend.

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