Color Wow to Debut Two Innovative Styling Sprays

Color Wow

NYC beauty editors got a sneak-peek at Color Wow’s two new ground-breaking styling sprays earlier this week. “[When we create new products] it’s all about finding problems and coming up with solutions, finding what’s aspirational, and making a difference for women,” says CEO Gail Federici. One problem the brand found: a lack of products on the market that stave off humidity without weighing hair down. “There are products out there that protect against humidity but they're heavy and greasy on the hair,” says Giles Robinson, global director of education and training. “[Color Wow] has worked for years trying to crack the humidity code and [the results of Dream Coat Super Natural Sealant] are jaw-dropping.” Chemist Dr. Joe Cincotta demonstrated Dream Coat’s wow factor on two separate strands of hair that had both been color-treated though one was also spritzed with Dream Coat and then dried. The results: astonishing. After letting guests put their hands on both strands, which felt identical to the touch, Cincotta applied water droplets that immediately soaked through the untreated hair while the beads simply laid on top of the treated strand. “The proof is in the pudding,” says Federici, who suggests to apply Dream Coat on towel-dried hair and activate it with heat for best results. Bonus: The product not only fights against humidity to protect styles but also works as a thermal protectant, keeps frizz at bay and lasts up to three days. “When customers leave the salon, they know any moisture whether cold or hot will destroy their hairstyle,” says Robinson. “So you either have to straighten it more to lock the style or use oils or serums that weigh hair down. Now you can put [Dream Coat] on the hair and it’s going to feel invisible. That’s life-changing!”

The second product on Color Wow’s docket, Style on Steroids Performance Enhancing Texture Spray, not only works to add instant volume and texture but also won’t leave hair feeling dry, clogged or stiff as it’s packed with humectant ingredients like glycerin. “Texturizers are designed to dry hair out,” says Robinson. “[Style on Steroids] uses a new technology [that adds] moisture [vs.] actually sucking it out of hair.” The product packs the perfect balance between moisture and hold, which is flexible and malleable. “It was key to get that balance right,” says Joseph Maine, U.S. brand ambassador. “Moisture and texture were never in the same sentence before so it’s amazing that Color Wow has been able to [make a product] that does it.” Score both products when they hit the shelves in June!

Color Wow Texture Spray

[Images: Molly Church]

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