Eclectic Celebrity Crowd Celebrates Charlie Le Mindu

Image courtesy of Skyhunt PR
For the first time, world renowned avant-garde hair artist Charlie Le Mindu recently presented his outlandish hair creations in two "Charliewood“-themed, U.S., live performances in New York and Miami to the top U.S art and fashion scenes. A-list celebrities included pop icon Debbie Harry, high profile art photographer Cindy Sherman, and actress Rose McGowan who celebrated Le Mindu and his artistic hair pieces created with Hairdreams. Debbie Harry also sported Le Mindu’s creations at the exciting event.
Le Mindu was extremely impressed by the large and versatile U.S avant-garde scene in which he has not interacted much with in the past. After recent stints in Paris, London and Berlin, Le Mindu will continue his career in Los Angeles in 2017.
For the past six years, Le Mindu has worked with real Hairdreams hair for all of his Haute Coiffure creations. This partnership is perfect for Le Mindu as he regards Hairdreams as the most luxurious hair with unparalleled quality in the industry. As Le Mindu moves his life and work to Los Angeles, Hairdreams will continue to partner with the hair artist to help achieve his extraordinary hair creations and be part of his creative journey.
"Hairdreams continues to support me not only with amazing hair quality that is unmatched in the industry. In addition, I am extremely impressed with the Hairdreams experts. They continue to fulfill my extravagant requests for ‘impossible’ hair accents, such as real gold plated hair or extreme hair colored strands,” says Le Mindu. “This real hair art allows me to live out my creative fantasies so perfectly. I am very grateful for that!“

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