AG Hair Rolls Out Women’s Texture Line

Dry Wax

New York City hairdressers and beauty editors caught a first glimpse at AG Hair’s newest women’s line, Texture, in Manhattan earlier this week.  As the crowd sipped on champagne cocktails and noshed on light bites, they were treated to an up-close look at the four new products while watching celebrity stylist Wesley O’Meara demonstrate their wonder on live models.  


The elixirs (Cleansing Cream, Sea Spray, Texture Gloss and Dry Wax) were formulated based on extensive research culminating in the latest trend: effortless beauty. “The target market is a professional millennial woman who has given herself permission to wear the hair that she was born with,” says AG Hair CEO and co-founder Lotte Davis. “It’s much healthier, texturized and natural looking. She’s also just as concerned about the products she puts on her head as she is about what she puts into her body.” Enter the Texture line which is packed with AG’s exclusive Sea Complex , think: sea kelp, Irish moss, dulse and bladderwrack seaweed, and anti-aging seaberry oil. “The products [and ingredients] work from the inside of the hair structure to the outside to make it healthy,” explains Davis.

Texture Styled

Each formula can stand on its own or all four can be used in tandem to craft second-day, lived-in texture while simultaneously protecting hair and giving it shine.  “I don’t have to use any other products now!” says O’Meara, who notes that beach hair has become too glamorous. “This [line fills that missing niche] and you can actually give yourself [or client] that I-don’t care-NY-street look,” he says. “[With these products], you can still style the hell out of hair or you can do nothing but add a little Sea Spray to enhance it or add a little Dry Wax to dirty it up a bit. [The line is] a really good in-between!”



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