Battling Counterfeit Flat Irons

Flat Iron

President and CEO Basim Shami is proud to announce the company’s continued battle against counterfeit styling tools. Most recently the Grand Prairie Police Department in North Texas arrested six people and exposed their sales of numerous high end beauty brands that included the original CHI Ceramic Flat Iron. In all, 2,847 counterfeit items worth $40,797 were seized as well as $15,714 in cash, two trailers and a truck, according to Grand Prairie police. Another arrest and conviction took place in Philadelphia during a site raid related to The Department of Homeland Security arrested two people on site and later the owner Stephen Voudouris. was selling counterfeits across hair care brands, especially CHI.

According to Basim Shami, “These counterfeiting operations profit by selecting prestige brands that yield high demand. The CHI Ceramic Flat Iron’s popularity and high sales volume is unfortunately among these items. My goal is to continue to uncover these unauthorized outlets from selling counterfeit CHI tools to the unsuspecting professional or consumer. Today, I am proud to say that as of this date, we have taken down over 980 online marketplace listings for suspected sales. Our promise has and will remain to work with law enforcement agencies and customs to ensure and expose these fakes from continuing their illegal operations.”

Farouk Systems encourages salon professionals and consumers to only purchase prestige brands such as CHI from authorized outlets only. This will help to minimize counterfeit profit margins and also the sales of inferior and often troublesome replicas.

[Image courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications]

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