Joy Juice Founder Shares Cancer Story at Hollywood Fringe Festival


y Alotta, founder of Joy Juice, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of teens affected by cancer, considers himself a Fortunate. Danny's one man play shares the story of his battle with Hodgkins disease as a teenager, revealing the intimate details of the physical and emotional roller coaster it put him and his family through. When all of Danny's friends were getting ready to go to college and start their lives, Danny found himself facing the possibility of death. Danny relives turning points of his battle from his diagnosis, to what it's like to be a teenage cancer patient, to finding out he is cured -and it gets personal! Danny descriptively recounts doctor appointments, medical procedures, family dynamics and vulnerable inner monologues. With reflective insight and a touch of humor, Danny's story is an emotional and inspiring look at his journey to cancer recovery.

Juice is currently playing at the Elephant Studio at Theatre Asylum in Hollywood, California throughout June. For more information about show times and dates visit

Danny Alotta's experiences with Hodgkins disease led him to found his non-profit Joy Juice which provides makeovers to teens with cancer. Recently, Beauty Launchpad visited a Joy Juice makeover event. Learn more about the non-profit and how beauty professionals can get involved here.

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