She's A Lady

Runway Report: June, 2007With T3’s newest curling iron at the ready, stylist Orlando Pita conjures up ladylike—yet youthful—coifs for Oscar de la Renta’s spring collection.

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Designer: Oscar de la Renta

Products: T3

To gaze upon a pretty young thing swathed in a bold poppy-print Oscar de la Renta sundress, you see what today’s youth seems to be missing: She’s perfectly ladylike. No thongs peeking out from ever-sinking waistlines. No bra straps revealed as an ancillary fashion accessory. This unabashed beauty retains a sweet air; her clothes seem to vivify her and her surroundings. And though she looks every bit the lady, don’t confuse her demure threads with dowdiness— too often, “ladylike” and “dowdy” go hand in hand. No, she’s quite the opposite: a vision of liveliness and spunk.

Of course, slipping into an Oscar de la Renta slim-cut taffeta column or one of the designer’s flirty eyelet numbers is only half of the metamorphosis from Little Girl Lost to fashionably genteel; hair takes a part in completing the transformation. Charged with transporting tender youth to the realm of refinement—in terms of hair, that is—de la Renta enlisted celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita.

“Oscar wanted the hair set, but he didn’t want it falling all over the clothes,” Pita says. To answer this call, Pita, wielding the newest in T3 styling tools, dreamt up mussed, undone bobs that kept the look from becoming too matronly. The messiness, Pita notes, subtly subtracted years. “We didn’t want it to be too set and too old-fashioned-looking,” he explains.

To fashion Pita’s short, tousled bob, he curled the entire head and brush-teased the roots to lend some real “crowd-teasing” height. After separating the curls to evoke that mussy feel, Pita modernized the look even further by tucking the ends to trick the eye into believing each girl sported a bob. The result? Ladylike without even the slightest tinge of dowdiness.

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