Growing Smolder

Runway Report: January, 2008Orlando Pita and T3 heat up a haute hairdo for Doo.Ri’s runway.

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Designer: Doo.Ri

Products: T3 Bespoke Labs

With a swivel of his hips, a curl of his upper lip and a twist of his devilish jelly roll, Elvis induced feverish fainting spells in starry-eyed, nubile girls. And in the hopes that women would swoon over them too, men the world over copied The King’s pouffed-up pompadour.

So when designer Doo-Ri Chung tapped T3 Bespoke Labs’ celebrity stylist Orlando Pita to create what he calls a “boyish pompadour” for her fall/winter showing, the hair maestro naturally tapped Elvis’ famous ’do. However, Pita stripped the manly pompadour of its usual gel and machismo to turn out downy faux- hawks that dip seductively onto the forehead to heat up the entire head-to-toe look.

“The idea is to have this masculine style, but make it more ladylike,” Pita explains. To that end, Pita created softly combed curls and wispy detailing. Further adding to the fever pitch of this fiery look: the debut of T3 360º Boost Styling Set and Plump, the result of a collaboration between Pita and T3. Both products harness the company’s heat-seeking nanotechnology that uses proprietary nanospheres to deliver ingredients deep into the hair’s cortex.

Wielding the two products backstage, Pita informs that they were born of his need to use heaps of heat to style hair in short order, while keeping even the most fragile strands healthy and lustrous. So even though Pita nixed the goopy gel that put the sparkle in Elvis’ jammin‘ jelly roll, the smoldering style retained blazing shine—a hunk of burning luxe that even The King would be proud of.

Score This Look

T3 Bespoke Labs Twirl! Curling Iron: Creates large waves to wispy tendrils

T3 360º Plump: Weightless volumizer

T3 360º Boost: Smooths hair and enhances shine

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