Build Your Dream Salon Client Base

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Professional beauty educator Gina Scipioni gives tactics on how to build your ideal clientele.

The world is your oyster; that includes your salon! So why not take every opportunity to create your dream space? One way to achieve this goal quicker is to fill the salon with your dream clientele. Attract ideal guests with these steps that make a huge impact on your bottom line and overall happiness. It’s your life, well-being and business that should always come first.

Firstly, get specific on two factors: What services you love, and what services you’re good at. Interestingly, these two do not always align. Write out two comparative lists to see where they intersect to find your ideal guest/specialty. For example, if you love seeing curly haired influencers on your feed, but have never worked with curls, attracting curly haired guests may not be a lucrative short-term goal. Yes, you love ringlets, but is caring for them something at which you’re truly skilled? The answer is, probably, not yet. Thankfully, there are incredible certifications offered that will eventually help you take that leap.

Further, use your salon space to attract the type of clients you’d like to see in your chair. Use your decor, retail options, salon colors and logo to allow your desires to speak volumes. Don’t be afraid to take your brand to the next level. Find inspiration from other artists who you admire. Stand out from the crowd to attract your crowd.

Finally, you may want to showcase photos at your station or on your social media pages that feature your ideal guests/hair services. If you’re just starting to build this facet of your business, a great way to begin is by requesting a hair model/s (you can put out a local ad for a one-time free service, if need be). Take photos/video of the before, during and after process to create content for your platforms. Use and reuse the content with different captions about the process, home care, what to except, etc. These images will not only work to attract your ideal clientele—they’ll also serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for you.

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