Add Dollars by Subtracting Hair


“Short hair sends more referrals. No one is mesmerized by long hair cut straight and even along the bottom. No one even notices. Short shapes, asymmetry and WOW! Color gets all the looks and stares. Short haircuts earn all the compliments.”

Average ticket is my favorite statistic for measuring our behind the chair success. Total revenue divided by headcount gives us this all-important number. A good basic target for a healthy average ticket is 1.75 times your basic haircut price. If you are charging $25.00 for a haircut you should be shooting for at least a $43.75 average ticket. Some clients will purchase just a haircut. Others will hopefully be shopping much deeper into your service menu and product offerings. It’s all about hitting that all important average.

Knowing what to track and how to track it is one thing. Having a simple plan to move the needle in the right direction is quite another.

Here is my favorite, simple, quick and easy tip for driving up your average ticket, for making more money behind your haircut chair. You can do this right now. Today. With no additional training or expense in time or effort.

The secret to making more money in haircutting, to driving up the average ticket is cutting hair shorter. Short hair is the big secret of success in the haircut business. The sooner you cut hair shorter the faster you will build your haircut business.

Let’s explore a few simple short haircut facts.

Short hair comes back faster. Trimming one half inch off of long hair is a twice per year relationship. Many short haircuts require maintenance cutting every two, three or maximum four weeks. You can be fully booked and busy with far fewer clients when you focus on taking them all short.

Short hair takes less time in the chair. The road to hell in haircutting is paved with spending 45 minutes to round brush mid-length and longer hair. You can easily turn three haircuts per hour when you turn them out short. They are all dry before you are done cutting.

Short hair buys more chemical services. You cut off perm and color as fast as you put it on. Long hair coloring is all about keeping up with the roots. Short hair chemical work is all about keeping up with the ends, and the ends are on the floor pretty quickly.

Short hair buys more take-home hair care product. Short hair loves firm styling products and thorough cleansing shampoos. It lives for waxes, pomades, gels and sticky, tacky moulders. It is a never-ending process of making hair dirty with styling products and making it clean again the next morning. Lather, rinse, repeat. No. Short hair does not buy and use much in the way of conditioners and detanglers, but more than makes up for it with stylers and cleansers.

Short hair sends more referrals. No one is mesmerized by long hair cut straight and even along the bottom. No one even notices. Short shapes, asymmetry and WOW! Color gets all the looks and stares. Short haircuts earn all the compliments. Short hair starts all the hair conversations. Anything from “oh my, I love your hair” to “I could never go that short” gets the referral discussion started. No short hair should ever leave the shop without a fistful of business cards.

Do you want to get started down the road to higher earnings and higher average tickets? The fast track is a fairly simple one. You must lead by example. Sit right down in a co-worker’s chair and have them cut your hair off. Go short right now. Cut your hair short. Be the example. Our clients look to us as examples of fashion, trend and style. If you go short, within six weeks 80% of your clients will go shorter than they have been in a long time. Some will warm to it a bit slower. It might take a few cuts to get a lot of that hair onto the floor. Others will jump in fast and hard. Never talk a client out of short hair. Once they make the decision to go short, be there to support them.

Be sure to do your part to close the loop on all the business benefits associated with this short change. Send them home with the products they need. Re-book them for their short cycle return haircut. Tell them specifically how many weeks this look will last. They might be surprised at how fast a short shape loses its shape and fails to perform as intended and designed. Load them up with referral cards and prepare them for these hair conversations. Remind them that they are now the center of attention and the focus in every room.

You are not just changing hair lengths. You are changing lives and fortunes. Yours and theirs.

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