What Career Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

From limiting social media intake to financial stability, our readers share the career advice they would give their younger selves.

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Whether you’ve been in the industry for less than a year or you’re a seasoned salon veteran, there is never a shortage of life lessons learned along the way. We asked our Instagram followers what career advice they would give their younger selves.

*Posts edited for length and clarity.

@courtneymarie_cle: Don’t lose your confidence or career drive when losing a client, it’s not always about you.

@alexaceleste.hairartist: Do your wrist and shoulder warm-ups—and make them a habit.

@live_kreative: Create financial stability; tips are not just fun money.

@emily_strickland: Charge your worth.

@hairbyrochelleshope: Spend more time assisting and taking trips/classes right after graduation.

@jimk_hair: Don’t try to fit in. Do the hair you want to do to attract the clientele you desire.

@amandarosecolorist: Work at a salon where you fit in, that has your back in tough situations and where you can build the career you want.

@gretchen_everton: Learn the business side of our industry. Work smarter, not harder!

@spookycaitlyn: Limit your social media intake, it will be better for your mental health.

@tabithahairstylist: Pick the thing that lights you up and become the expert in that area.

@getjoehairdid: Raise your prices when you run out of schedule space to make room for the new clients who are willing to pay.

@kerridoesmyhair: The best way to avoid burnout is to always keep learning.

@dombbeauty: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.

@kellyoliviahair: Don’t be too hard on yourself when you mess up; every mess up is a lesson, not a mistake.

@hair_by_love: Don’t try to be your mentors. You were meant to make your own path.

@lacey_locks: You’re better than you think you are so stop doubting yourself.

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