Kristen Maxwell Breaks Down the Process of Lash Timing Drills

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When you’re looking to shave a few minutes from your lashing service, try timing drills on either a model or practice strip. “Timing drills encourage muscle memory development and give you a solid idea of what slows you down and where you need to focus growth,” says Kristen Maxwell, Lash Affair educator and owner of Indulge Studio in Detroit. Here, she breaks down the process for you.

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  1. Give yourself an allotment of time to get through each eye.

  2. As soon as that time is up, stop and assess. See where you completed an area and where you didn't quite hit your mark.

  3. For the next practice drill, focus first on the area that you didn't complete during the prior drill and then tackle the other areas.

  4. Once you begin hitting your goal times, set a new goal that's even quicker and work through the entire process again.


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