The Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy Team Reveals This Season's In-Demand Shades

For the Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy team members, their latest collaboration, Art School, represents a return to artisan values or the idea of handmade art—all of which is reflected in the models’ hair color. “Art School masters the art of basic form and understanding—shades, formulating, technique and application—to create every look,” shares Color.Me design director Kate Reid. “This shoot made me re-evaluate all my color knowledge and bring it back to bold and clean shades, along with pure tones that evoke a sense of innocence and exploration. Kevin [Murphy] always brings ideas that I love, and we map it all out with a beautiful fashion twist to boot.”

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Woven Textured Hair

Look: Tweed

To create the appearance of rough woven texture, color the hair a bit deeper at the new growth and lighter at the roots and ends, with highlights placed on top. Tone to refine. Use theColor.Me Finishing Regimen after each color application. “We enhanced the texture of the hair through color by mixing shades to create a tweed-like piece of fabric: unique and individual, with a woolen texture that is soft to the touch and flexible in movement,” says Kate Reid. “The hair can be worn any way without seeing harsh or obvious lines.”

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Pale Blonde Hair

Look: Arctic Lace

Lighten hair to the lightest pale blonde shade, taking care to follow development time. Tone to create a cool, arctic blonde result. Note: Application of your lightening product is just as important as the product you are using. Here, the Color.Me team applied Cream.Lightener liberally and in circular motions to ensure full coverage from new growth to tips.Be sure your client is also seated in a room-temperature area and away from air conditioning.


[Image: Director: Kevin Murphy and Color.Me Design director Kate Reid; Photo: Luis Murphy; Hair: Session Masters, James Nicholson and Craig Hughan; Fashion: Emily Ward]


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