Watch How to Create This Light Rose Gold Hair Color

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Rose Gold is one of the hottest hair colors being requested in salons right now. And if you've been wondering how you can give your clients the softest version of it, then look no further. Adam Ciaccia, Matrix Artist, and Michelle Ciaccia share exactly how you can create this trendy color, which they call Rosé Fever, even on someone with very dark hair. And as a bonus, they share how to create an updated pageboy style complete with trendy microfringe. Read below for the step-by-step info and color formulas. Enjoy!




Formula A: Light Master + 20 Vol + Bond Ultim8 

Formula B: Color Sync Rose Gold & 10 Vol 

Formula C: 2/3 Color Sync Rose Gold * 1/3 Clear & 10 Vol 

Formula D: 2/3 Color Sync Clear * 1/3 Rose Gold & 10 Vol 

Formula E: ¾ Color Sync Clear * Rose Gold & 10 Vol 


Section: Section the hair in four quadrants. 


Pre Lighten: Using a virgin application. Start at the nape working toward the top. Apply Formula A to mid-lengths and ends first using foil to isolate the sections. Process for 15 minutes. Apply Formula A to regrowth. Process for 35 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, Apply Bond Ultim8 Step 2 for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 


Color Application: Resection the hair into four quadrants. First, apply Formula B to the undercut. Apply Formula C from regrowth to ends in the back two quadrants. In the two front sections, apply Formula D to mid-lengths and ends. Rinse thoroughly. Shampoo and condition using Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed range. 



STEP 1 Using no tension, cut a straight fringe across the eyebrows. 

STEP 2 Comb the hair to a natural fall, gather the hair to the center of the back of the neck and cut straight across. 

STEP 3 Connect the two sides by matching the perimeter by overdirecting the hair behind the ear. 

STEP 4 Deep point cut to add texture and movement. 


STYLING - RECOMMENDED FOR THIS LOOK Matrix Style Link Smooth Setter and Matrix Style Link Volume Fixer 


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