Q&A: Alan Stockman, President of Bosley Professional Strength

Alan Stockman

The president of Bosley Professional Strength talks about his first year with the brand, how they’re changing the conversation and what’s next.

It has been nearly a year since you took the helm of Bosley Professional Strength. What were your main goals this first year?

When I first joined, I saw Bosley Professional Strength as an untapped opportunity with extraordinary potential. My first-year goals were simple: learn as much as possible about all parts of our business, try to accurately define what was working and what needed fixing, and begin the fixing process where needed. I also aimed to build our team with additional dedicated, savvy, motivated people, laying the groundwork for a killer 2108 and beyond with product, promotion, marketing, and education ramp-ups.

There has been an explosion in products geared toward thinning hair in the last several years. How do you ensure Bosley Pro stands out?

This one is simple. The “quality of hair” space is rocking. And there is no better partner for salons and clients than Bosley Pro. The Bosley brand represents the very highest level of results in the world with regard to fine, thinning hair. Bosley invented modern hair restoration methods and technology. We have more than 40 years’ experience, are in more than 60 countries, and have more bona fide medical and therapeutic credibility than any corporation, brand or line anywhere. Why choose products manufactured by companies that “dabble” in this? Fine, thinning and weak hair is what we do, and we think we do it better than anyone. 

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Bosley Pro took a unique approach in their 2017 advertising campaign. Can you describe it and how it resonated with stylists?

Our head of marketing, Dev Rice, had previously developed the idea for a campaign designed to highlight stylists’ enthusiasm for Bosley Pro products. I thought it was simple, compelling and dead-on so I asked him to bring the “Stylists Love” campaign to life. He did and it continues to resonate with customers. People understand the power of salon legitimacy supporting product use in an authentic way. Dev has also evolved the idea to include salon professionals at a number of our key accounts to recognize their contribution to our business. There are coming nuances and variations as well, keeping it fresh, exciting and relevant!

What are the next short- and long-term goals for the company?

To focus, to build, to serve, and ultimately to sell products. Bosley Pro is laser-focused on salon professionals and their clients. We know who we are. We’re better defining how to present our products and message to our customers. We’re ramping up our education and business support across the board. We’re increasingly doing a much better job of making it easier to choose Bosley Pro. Finally, we’re reinventing the universe in March 2018 with a revolutionary twist on a product category that people love. Stay tuned.

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What motivates you?

I feel a very strong sense of responsibility to my family and the people with whom I work. I know I’m going to fail at times, but I don’t ever want to say that I stopped trying, whether it’s in my personal or business life.

What’s your favorite meal?

My problem is that I don’t have “a favorite meal”—you could say I have too many favorite meals. But you certainly can’t go wrong with great Italian food.

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How did you get started in the beauty industry?

My major in college was government with a focus on political philosophy. Clearly, going into professional beauty was a logical progression from there (laughs). My first job out of college was in an advertising agency. A client, Clairol, thought I’d be a good marketing person. After a few years in retail marketing, I made the leap into pro beauty and never looked back.

What do you like to do for fun?

Nothing. Literally. With a house, family, kids in college, and a job that’s wonderfully demanding, there’s not a lot of time for “fun.” I actually love all the bits and pieces of my life and consider myself to be very blessed across the board. That’s my fun.

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