Breaking Down the Terminology in Microblading

Think you know every brow tattoo term out there? Here’s a rundown of the lingo that’s being permanently etched in microblading terminology.

Understanding Microblading

3D, 4D or 6D Brows - Microblading pros rely on multiple ink colors to add dimension to their hair strokes, with 3D meaning three ink shades or needles are in play, while 4D and 6D each mean the same with the respective color shades/needles.

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Color Correction - If a client comes in with previous microblading from another artist, you may need to work a bit harder—think: blurring, color-matching ink and fixing discoloration—to net the best result.

Eyebrow Embroidery - Another term for microblading.

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Feathering - A technique that works wonders on clients who are lacking in natural brow hair, this blends hair strokes and shading for depth, and is usually applied with a digital pen.

Hair Strokes - This is what sets microblading apart from regular brow tattooing: The service involves creating what looks like individual hairs for a more natural appearance.

Microstroking - Another term for microblading.

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