8 Ways to Build Positive Word of Mouth for Your Business

Word Of Mouth1) Set the Atmosphere - Use soft, fresh sheets; play relaxing music; and keep service areas organized and sanitized. “Clients love [familiar environments] and will refer everyone they know because they’ll know you’ll take care of their referrals as you do them,” says Jaynes, who notes that loud music, chomping on gum, dirty spaces and contamination will ultimately lead to negative reviews.

2) Be Professional - Make eye contact, greet clients by name, offer a genuine compliment, dress to impress and practice good hygiene. These small details “show your clients you care about them,” she says.

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3) Read Your Clients - Engage clients in polite conversation and ask about them—but don’t dig too personally. “Your clients will tell you personal things if they want to,” says Jaynes. “Conversations should be uplifting and never geared toward gossip or your clients will lose trust in you.” Nix chatting if it seems like they want to relax or sleep. “Honor what they want ... even if it means a little less convenience for you,” says Jaynes. “The more you do for them, the more they’ll refer you to others.”

4) Consult Positively - When consulting with clients on lash or brow styles, never tell them they’re wrong, even if you disagree. Instead, “let them know what your education and experience has taught you regarding what will complement their features,” suggests Jaynes.

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5) Be an Open Book (With Your Services) - Walk clients through the service, answer any questions they have and never talk down to them. “Some clients may be nervous or tense if this is their first time receiving the service,” explains Jaynes. “Remember: There are no dumb questions!”

6) Respect the Clock - Your clients’ time is precious, and disrespecting it can net negative word of mouth. Don’t be tardy, go overtime, or call or text clients off-hours, says Jaynes.

7) Create a Referral System - Reward your clients for spreading the word with a referral system that garners them perks at your shop. Think: point systems toward discounted services or retail. “The ‘If you scratch my back, then I’ll scratch yours’ mentality is always healthy in the artist/client relationship,” she says.

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8) Send Them Home With a Smile - Never rush clients and always allow them to examine your work post- service. “When your clients leave feeling confident and happy, they’ll keep coming back—and they’ll bring their friends,” Jaynes says.

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