Web Exclusive: 4 Curly Hair Myths Debunked


There are a lot of common misconceptions about hair, even amongst the pros! As a leading stylist for nearly two decades, Ricky Pennisi, founder of the RI CI Cutting Technique and product line for wavy and curly hair, is putting an end to common misconceptions he hears from his clients daily.

MYTH 1: You can't highlight curly hair
According to Ricky, "Curly hair can  typically be more coarse, so highlights should be bold, otherwise they will get lose among the curls."

MYTH 2: Stick to cold air to prevent frizz
"To prevent frizz when blow-drying, alternate between hot and cold air and finish with a cold shot blast," advises Ricky. "The heat loosens the hair follicle, while the cold air locks in the cuticle and shine."

MYTH 3: Shake to prevent overheating
Says Ricky, "One mistake that many of my clients will make at home is shaking their blow dryers back and forth thinking it will prevent overheating the hair. It won’t. Hold the blow-dryer about 6 inches away from the head and don’t stay on the same section for more than a few seconds at a time."

MYTH 4: The "lob" cut is only for straight hair
"This couldn’t be further from the truth," says Ricky. "If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, make sure your stylist is educated in the latest cutting techniques like the RI CI cut which was designed to control the pyramid shape (flat on top wide on the sides) and gives natural height and body."

[Image: Getty Images/Peathegee Inc]

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